Friday, 9 May 2014

I Have Moved!

Hi, everyone!

Due to my growing need to spend more time writing new stuff and marketing my new book The Deadliners, I have chosen to move my blog over to my website.

Please come over and see me. Everything is the same as here, except there will be less reviews.

I'm hoping that when I'm in a position to write full time, I will be able to blog more again. I'm currently blogging once a week and the giveaways are still going on!

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Breakthrough will stay active so that previous articles can still be accessed.

Love Rachel xx

Monday, 7 April 2014

Spiritual Awakening - Tim van der Vliet

'In life we have the same goal: to seek our greatest joy.' - Tim 

I feel lucky that my spiritual awakening was quick and easy. It was as if my mind opened up and saw things for the first time. It happened as quickly as making a cup of tea. One moment I was unaware, but wavering on the edge of wondering if there was something more, and then the next, I was standing there blinking in amazement. I saw the world from a different point of view. I suddenly knew that there was more out there than the eye could see. I believed that I wasn't alone and that the universe is a completely intricate plan where nothing is by chance.

Tim van der Vliet is a writer and poet. He kindly sent me his book: Spiritual Awakening, the easy way. In it he gives you five simple steps to help you to see that life isn't really what we believe it to be. In this review I will share the five steps and a small part of one of his poems for each section.

Step One:

Break Free

I am taught
to be critical
especially of me
I see now
that I do the negative mantra
I cannot I cannot I cannot

Tim has a wonderful way with words and a simplistic style that I find easy to read and straight to the point. In this chapter, he also gives us an exercise that helps us to change the way we look at a certain topic. It is powerful and very easy to do.

Step Two:

Let Go

Identity is never static
So if you know it's going to change,
why take it seriously?

This is the start of a fantastic and wise poem that I found really spoke to me. Tim talks about the ego and how we identify ourselves. The exercise in this section is very clever and something that I love to do often. He also leaves a blank space for you to check in with yourself as he helps you to learn to let go.

Step Three:

Have Fun

What bliss!
Rule number 6
Feels so mighty and free
Rule number 6 is:
STOP taking yourself so bloody seriously.

I loved this section. I have a habit of being quite a serious person. I've always liked to be in control, so rarely allowed myself to have fun. This part of the book was able to show me that happiness comes from fun. If we're not having fun, what is the point?

Step Four:

Feel The Force

Every thought we have
every word we speak
every action we take
All we do has an effect

I fully believe what Tim says about our thoughts and actions having an effect in our lives and in the world. The force that Tim is talking about is our own power. We complicate life by making life complicated. If we stick to a simple way of thinking, our minds will be happier and so our lives will reflect that. Tim's words are so much more eloquent than mine when explaining feeling the force and I really enjoy that.

Step Five:

Move Towards The Light

we are symbiotic
a piece of the same
puzzle so intrinsic
we are all the same
all we are all

Tim's insights in the last part of the book are poetically charged. The way he explains light and that we are all one is beautiful. His way with words as he brings science into the equation of spirit and light is very interesting. Tim finishes the book with this small offering:

Don't listen to all of this
Feel your core
Go and explore
Find out more...

So simple, yet so powerful.


This little book is packed full of inspirational words. The poems are simple, yet powerful. The message that Tim is trying to convey comes across clearly. I found I was able to learn more by his simple technique than reading a whole self help book about spiritual awakening. Spiritual Awakening is a clever and fun book that I really enjoyed.

To learn more about the book and Tim, visit his website:

Sending loads of love,
Rachel xx

Monday, 24 March 2014

Gabrielle Bernstein God Is My Publicist Part 2

The Creative Process

Gabby uses five steps for developing a creative pitch. A pitch is a way to sell yourself to others. You can use a pitch in many different ways, but you must be clear.

'All the world wants from you is your truth.' - Gabby Bernstein

To be successful in attracting the right person to your message, you need to believe in yourself and what you are sharing. Be authentic and real.

The five steps are as follows:

1. Identify the story of your brand. This helps you to connect to your message.

2. How do you serve?

3. Who have you served?

4. What is unique about the brand?

5. Visioning exercise.

Gabby goes through each step to help you to get clear on what your pitch is. You use each step and do a review of them all. She then helps you to get your pitch from your answers.

The next part of the process is to connect to your pitch and work out who you are pitching to. She goes through suggestions on how to find your audience in the right places and to use only what you feel comfortable with. There are many different modes of communicating your message now. Tune in to your audience and to yourself to know where to go.

'Ideas that spread, win.' - Seth Gronin

Learn how to share your message on social media platforms. Be engaging with your audience. Spend more time and focus on one or two things instead of being all over the place.

She gives you tips on how to build an audience at the same time as staying true to who you are.


I found this part of the DVD very interesting. I was able to narrow down the platforms I will use to spread the word about my writing and also really connect to what my message is. This is what I came up with:

My writing aims to reach teens and adults that are looking for hope. 

This is only a tiny part of it. I have a much deeper pitch to, but this was the part I really wanted to share. I feel so much clearer about where I'm going and what I'm doing. I'm even excited about getting my message out there, instead of being scared.

Gabby is giving me confidence by helping me to get very clear on what I'm doing and why. I feel that this is essentially going to be the most powerful tool in helping others while sharing my work. The only setback with the DVD is that the visioning meditation that Gabby talks about is not included. This makes it very hard to carry out what she is telling you to do.

Stay tuned for part 3, coming soon!

Sending loads of love,
Rachel xx

Saturday, 15 March 2014

Tests of Life

Isn't it interesting when we're tested? I feel that sometimes these tests come up to help us to see how much we've healed. The tests are not meant to be harmful, but they are there to show us that we have something that still triggers us. To me, tests are almost like reminders to be loving and kind to ourselves.

Monday, 24 February 2014

Gabrielle Bernstein - God Is My Publicist Review Part One

Being an aspiring author, I've realised that I need to build a platform to get readers before I've even published my book. I saw that one of Hay House's authors Gabby Bernstein had a DVD titled God Is My Publicist. It looked like the ideal tool for me to learn about publicising. I'm an existential fiction writer, so using a DVD that teaches how to share, instead of hard selling, is perfect for my career.

Hay House kindly sent me the DVD to review, so I've decided to dedicate a series to Gabby and her work. In the first DVD, we learn how to get clarity on our dreams.


This DVD is audio. The introduction is Gabby asking us if we're clear on our message. How can our audience know what our message, business, or aim is, if we're not sure ourselves?

'You must be so clear about what it is that you do, that is bleeds through you in an authentic way.' - Gabby Bernstein

When you are clear on this, you will be sharing your message as opposed to selling it. When you are clear and believe in what you're doing, you are not over the top or obnoxious. This also helps you to be more natural and caring. You can achieve organic manifestation with clear thoughts and intentions.

An important part of getting clear is to know who your audience is. There will be a core audience of people who resonate with you. They will often be similar to you. They will be the ones that will help to share your message with others, so you won't need to go looking for a broader audience. When you are aware of the type of people who resonate with you, research into their media habits. Where are they most hanging out online? What social media site are they most on? If you craft your message for your core adopter, you will more likely get their attention so that they can grow your message for you.

Make your mind up on what your business goals are. Do you want a bigger audience with lower charges? Or higher priced products for a more personalised experience. What is your niche? What are you aiming for?

The top four questions to help with this are:

1. Who is your audience?
2. What are you trying to say to your audience?
3. What are your business goals?
4. How does your work serve?

When you have gotten clear, you will be able to know the answers to these questions.

Creating a desire is a powerful way to bring your dream to you. In this part of the audio, Gabby gets you to do a writing exercise and meditation.

It helps to aim high. Don't hold back when dreaming of where you want to be with your message. Create a desire and a statement to go with it.


This first part of the DVD was extremely important to me. There is a lot of information about how you can get clear and set your desire. I've never really thought to narrow down my audience and market. As a writer, I assumed that once my work was under a genre, it would attract that type of person, but that's not the case. I've done the exercise and came up with my desire statement:

'I am on the New York Times Bestseller list.'

I now have clear aims and intentions. I can see who I am serving and how I can take my writing forward and introduce it to people by sharing, not hard selling. This makes me feel good and means that life becomes a lot easier.

Sending lots of love,
Rachel x